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Jazbah (Jäzbäh) is an Urdu word which means dedication or passion for a cause. This site is devoted to all those women of Pakistan who have worked hard to achieve great goals and made significant, positive impacts on Pakistani society.


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The purpose of this Web site is to honor the achievements of Pakistani women. We will add to the list of profiles each month by introducing different Pakistani women achievers. They have inspired us with their determination and delighted us with their talents. As Pakistanis and as members of the greater world community striving for peace, we must acknowledge that an educated and successful woman can be a pillar of strength not only for her country but for the rest of the world.

Editor's Note: January - February 2004
Many of the developing countries suffer from a lack of proper healthcare facilities and healthcare education. Pakistani women have been at the forefront of these issues. Both Nafis Sadik and Bilquis Edhi have long careers of working in different capacities on issues relating to women's health.

Nafis Sadik is a physician and a former Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund. She is an advocate for improving women's health through education. She has traveled the world working to bring changes in policies regarding health care for women, especially in the developing countries.

Bilquis Edhi is a humanitarian and a driving force behind Pakistan's renowned relief organization, Edhi Foundation, founded by her husband, the respected Abdul Sattar Edhi. She has spent most of her life helping under privileged women and children of Pakistan. There is a famous saying in English, "Behind every great man, there is a great woman." In the case of Abdul Sattar Edhi, the great woman has been working beside him aiding in his mission to serve people since the early days of Edhi Foundation.

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