The images below showcase some of the various instruments that I have built over the years. My instruments are usually made of a variety of found materials, such as springs, wood, leftover strings from other instruments, and more. They are mainly amplified by contact microphones which allow me to bring out subtle sonic details that would otherwise go unnoticed...

I do not necessarily claim absolute authorship over these instruments. I built them, but they are all adaptations of ideas that I have gathered from many places. One of the instruments is actually a collaborative endeavor with fellow instrument inventor, Dave Knott, while another is my own version of an instrument that I saw Hal Rammel use.

I believe that the act of instrument creation should not belong to anyone in particular. The materials that I use make the proccess making music & sound avaiable to all anyone, not just the trianed musicians. There is a respect for the craft of violin making, for example, but it does not preclude the non-traditional sound making device.

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Here are some videos shot during my Sonarchy Radio taping in September featuring Electroacoustic improvisation on invented instruments with field recordings.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3