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Latest Release: Seattle Phnographers Union: WNP5 & Building 27

This is the latest release from the Seattle Phonographers Union project that I have been a part of for the past ten years. I produced this release, selecting and treating the audio specifically for a vinyl release. The photographs on the album, save one, are my own, and are beautifully arranged by Tiffany Lin who did the design work. Christopher DeLaurenti assisted in proofing and general over-the-shoulder checking. He also wrote the liner notes on the record sleeve. He writes:

"On this LP, the SPU improvises inside Building 27 and WNP-5; these two remarkable acoustic environments not only transformed our field recordings, but guided these live, unedited improvisations. A decommissioned aircraft hangar at the former Sand Point Naval Air Station, Building 27 melds our sounds with audience footsteps and murmuring, along with, in quieter moments, birds, and nearby water. The unusual skittering slapback echo heard in WNP-5, part of an unfinished nuclear power station, results from gradually narrowing walls and tile-like surfaces inside the cooling tower; sound spirals upwards to the sky.” – Taken from the liner notes, by Christopher DeLaurenti

Read more about the LP and purchase at Prefecture Records. Or visit the Seattle Phonographers Union website